ISA Awards

With the goal of identifying and encouraging excellent industry studies research, the Industry Studies Association (ISA) offers two awards annually: the ISA-INFORMS “Best Industry Studies Paper” Award and the ISA Dissertation Award. Industry studies research includes research that demonstrates significant personal investment in developing an understanding of the markets, firms and institutions of an industry and frequently involves the integration of direct observation with appropriate theory and analysis. The Industry Studies Association is dedicated to advancing academic research that is grounded in a deep knowledge of a particular industry or industries. 

ISA-INFORMS “Best Industry Studies Paper” Award

The ISA-INFORMS Best Paper Prize was established by ISA and INFORMS in 2009 with the goal of developing a closer relationship between the two associations.  The belief, as stated in the original agreement, was that “Because of the prestige of INFORMS and the high visibility of its journals, awards for excellent published research in INFORMS journals will significantly broaden awareness of industry studies.”  The intention was also to encourage scholars doing industry studies research to seek out the INFORMS journals as a publication channel — and, importantly, to encourage the INFORMS journals to recognize the value of theoretical and practical insights from research based on primary data developed from engagement with industry practitioners and analyzed with explicit attention to industry context.  

ISA Dissertation Award

Each year, the Industry Studies Association (ISA) invites nominations for its annual dissertation award competition. The goal of the award is to recognize and reward outstanding doctoral research in the area of industry studies. Eligible candidates must have completed a doctoral dissertation in economics, management, engineering, political science, sociology, or in a related or interdisciplinary field. The award is accompanied by a $500 honorarium for first prize and a $250 honorarium for second prize.