Research Center Application

The Industry Studies Association welcomes affiliation by research centers that share its core mission, which is to advance industry studies scholarship. Applications for affiliation on behalf of a research center may be made online, by email, or by regular post. To make an application online, please click here and complete the application form to describe your research center and your interest in affiliation with the Industry Studies Association. Alternatively, you may complete a copy of the form by clicking here and submit it by email or regular post, along with a cover letter explaining your interest. Please send email submissions to Frank Giarratani ([email protected]). Our postal mailing address is:

Industry Studies Association
Center for Industry Studies
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

All applications are reviewed by the Industry Studies Association Board of Directors. There is an administrative fee of $250 (a one-time payment) for approved applications, but no payment is required with the submission.