Giarratani Rising Star Award

Each year, the Industry Studies Association awards the "Giarratani Rising Stars Award" for the best paper by a junior faculty member that is presented at the Industry Studies Conference.

Who is eligible?

Junior (untenured) faculty are invited to submit one paper to which they have made a significant contribution to be considered for the "Rising Stars" competition. The paper must have at least one co-author who is an untenured faculty and must not yet be accepted for publication at the time of submission. The paper must also include an abstract of not more than 250 words. A junior faculty may not be on more than one submitted paper. The top three papers (a winner and two additional finalists) will be honored at the upcoming Industry Studies Conference and invited to present their work in a special session with a senior leader in the field as the guest discussant of the three papers. Papers not chosen as winners will be considered for inclusion in the regular Industry Studies Conference program. Papers not chosen as winners will be considered for inclusion in the regular Industry Studies Conference program.

ISA 2016: Minneapolis

Winning Paper:
Certification Intermediaries: Evidence from the Medical Device Industryy
Christina Nistor, Chapman University

From Outsourcing to Innovation: Towards a “Long-Tail” Strategy
Ning Su, Western University

ISA 2015: Kansas City

Winning Paper:
End-to-end Supply Chain Models for the Apparel Industry
Shardul Phadnis, Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation

A New Take on Economic Development Institutions in China's Pearl River Delta
Michael Murphree, University of South Carolina 

ISA 2014: Portland

Winning Paper:
Mechanisms of Technology Re-Emergence and Identity Change in a Mature Industry: Swiss Watchmaking, 1978-2008
Ryan Raffaelli, Harvard Business School

Institutional Logics and Environmental Strategy in the Office Furniture Industry
Dror Etzion, McGill University 

Decoding the Adapability-Rigidity Puzzle: Evidence from Biopharmaceutical Incumbents' Pursuit of Gene Therapy and Monoclonal Antibodies 
Rahul Kapoor, University of Pennsylvania

Educational Credentials, Hiring, and Intra-occupational Inequality: Evidence from Law Firm Dissolutions 
Chris Rider, Emory University