Industry Studies Association


Welcome from John Paul MacDuffie
ISA President 

Welcome to the Industry Studies Association! The ISA is a community of scholars committed to rigorous research grounded in deep understanding of industries, geography, workplaces, and firms. We bring together scholars from disciplines including management, economics, sociology, engineering, operations research, law, economic geography, public policy, and more. Much of our members’ scholarship features direct observation at the firm, establishment or workplace level; this work is often cross-pollinated with understanding generated from representative samples and large data sets.

The ISA is a wonderful place to gather with like-minded researchers who make investments in learning about markets and institutions that shape the industries and firms that they study. Our annual conference is a “can’t miss” for our members, who find opportunities to present their latest work, to learn from what others are presenting, to receive helpful feedback on work in progress as well as strong career advice, to join excursions to local sites of interest, and to strengthen and build their networks. This year, we meet in Boston, June 3-5, 2020, and I hope to see you there.

Save the Date | 2020 Industry Studies Association Annual Conference 

The 2020 Industry Studies Association Annual Conference will be held at the MIT Samberg Conference Center June 3-5, 2020. Details forthcoming. 


ISA-ILR Review: Industry Studies Paper Series

The ILR Review features a special series on Industry and Organization Studies in partnership with the Industry Studies Association (ISA). The goal of this article series is to promote rigorous scholarship that examines the complex, real-world problems faced by industries and organizations. The Review has a long record of publishing articles in the industry studies tradition—based on interdisciplinary, field-based research. It is the premier outlet for industry studies that address the world of work and employment. This series seeks to foster the development of the next generation of scholars who will advance theory, policy, and practice in this field.

Industry Studies Research: ILR Review Paper Wins 2018 First Place Award

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