Professional Development Workshop for Early Career Scholars

The Early Career Development Committee of the Industry Studies Association is pleased to announce the 2021 Professional Development Workshop (PDW) for early-career industry studies scholars. It will take place on Wednesday, June 2, 2021.

Faculty development is a core component of the mission of the Industry Studies Association. The PDW supports early-career scholars engaged in industry studies research by providing career-related advice and the opportunity to form a network of junior and senior colleagues. In addition, the PDW brings together scholars across the wide range of disciplines and industries represented by the ISA, enabling greater interdisciplinary collaboration. We invite both junior faculty (assistant professors) and advanced doctoral students to participate.

The PDW provides a friendly and open forum for early career scholars to meet with senior faculty mentors and one another. The 2021 PDW program will be updated in early 2021. In addition, the PDW participants will work with senior faculty in facilitated virtual round tables. 


The PDW will be held in conjunction with the 2021 Industry Studies Association Annual Conference. Participants are asked to submit a half to one-page description of their research before May 20. To foster informality, collegiality, and open discussion, the workshop will be limited to 50 participants. Registration for the PDW is available through the conference registration page (conference registration is required to participate in the PDW)

Registration is Now Open


Industry Studies Association Junior Faculty and Doctoral Professional Development Workshop (PDW)

Wednesday June 2nd 2021, Beginning at 1PM EST (Virtual)

Organizing Committee:

Mike Teodorescu (Committee Chair, Boston College), Darcy Kamal (Honorary Chair, Cal State Sacramento), Sonali Shah (University of Illinois), Jake Grandy (University of Arkansas), Dayo Shittu (George Washington University), Alexandrea Ravenelle (UNC).


Sanjay Patnaik (Brookings Institution), Tara Behrend (National Science Foundation), Derek Ozkal (Kauffman Foundation).

Faculty Mentors:

Matt Marx (Cornell), Raj Choudhury (Harvard Business School), Monideepa Tarafdar (University of Massachusetts), Dokyun Lee (Carnegie Mellon University), Robert Seamans (New York University), Richard Wang (Babson College), Hise Gibson (US Academy West Point), John Elklund (University of Southern California), Mahka Moeen (UNC), Florence Honore (UW Madison), Nan Jia (University of Southern California), Florenta Teodoridis (University of Southern California), Jiao Luo (University of Minnesota), Yi-Su Chen (University of Michigan), and Sonali Shah (University of Illinois).

Welcome to the 2021 Industry Studies Association PDW! The PDW will start at 1PM EST on Wednesday June 2nd and will include a funding panel, with representatives from NSF, Brookings Institute, and Kauffman Foundation, a two-part faculty mentor virtual roundtable discussion, and will end with a short virtual social. Details of the 2021 Industry Studies Association Conference can be found here. The panel will require you to register for the 2021 annual ISA conference and submit a one-page research abstract and a short resume so we can match you with the appropriate mentors. Please register and submit the materials no later than Thursday May 20th 2021. Limited to 50 participants. Register here

Schedule (Virtual):

1 PM-1:05 PM – Welcome to the PDW and Introducing the Panelists

1:05PM – 2:05 PM – Funding Panel (National Science Foundation, Brookings Institution, Kauffman Foundation)

2:05 PM – 2:15 PM – Break

2:15 PM – 3 PM Faculty Mentor Session I – junior faculty and doctoral students will be matched to a mentor based on mutual research interests and assigned to breakout rooms

3 PM – 3:15 PM Break

3:15 PM – 4PM Faculty Mentor Session II – attendees will be matched to a second faculty mentor in breakout rooms

4 PM – 4:30 PM – Epilogue and virtual coffee social


Contact: [email protected]