ISA Webinar Series | Past Webinars 2021

Industrial Policy Series

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 | 12:00-1:15pm ET; 1:15-2:00 Zoom breakout discussion rooms

Green Industrial Policy

Eliminating carbon emissions from the global economy will require a vast overhaul of the industrial sector. Although economy-wide policies like carbon pricing must play an important role, industry-specific policies will also be necessary to get to “net-zero” before catastrophic climate change is locked in. Many nations, including China and Germany, have begun to implement green industrial policies. The United States federal government has not, but President Biden promised to change that during his campaign. This session will explore the new administration’s plans and progress in comparative and global perspective.


Henry Kelly, Non-resident Senior Fellow, Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy.

Sarah Ladislaw, Senior Vice President and Director, Energy and National Security Program, CSIS

Alfred Marcus, Professor, Edson Spencer Endowed Chair in Strategy and Technological Leadership, University of Minnesota

Wednesday, April 28 12:00-1:15pm ET; 1:15-2:00 Zoom breakout discussion rooms

Industry Studies Units in Federal Agencies

For use by policymakers, numerous federal agencies generate a steady stream of analyses of traded industries across the U.S. economy. In this session, representatives of several of these agencies will describe the mission, scope, and methods of their industry studies units. They also will describe how ISA members might connect with agency experts in particular industries.


  • Thomas Howells, Chief, Industry Economics Division, Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • William Powers, ‎Chief Economist and Director, Office of Economics · ‎U.S. International Trade Commission
  • Bart Meroney, Senior Adviser for Manufacturing, Office of Industry and Analysis, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce

Moderator: Andrew Reamer, Research Professor, GW Institute of Public Policy, George Washington University

Wednesday, May 12 12:00-1:15pm ET; 1:15-2:00 Zoom breakout discussion rooms | CANCELED

Federal Industrial Strategic Plans

Congress and Executive Branch political leadership regularly charge federal agencies with preparing and implementing a strategic plan to promote the competitiveness of an industry or sector deemed of national importance. This session will explore several such efforts. For reference, recent examples include: