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ISA Conference June 13-15, 2024 Sacramento, CA

Empowering Community Wellbeing: Clean Energy, Sustainability and Industrial Strategy

In the heart of the world’s largest subnational economy, California, the Industry Studies Association proudly presents its annual conference with a theme that resonates with the future of our planet and communities. Join us in exploring the dynamic interplay between California's pioneering efforts in clean energy and sustainability and their profound impacts on industrial strategy and community wellbeing around the world. 

Sacramento State, the state’s capitol university, hosts our dialogue as California stands at the forefront of a global movement towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future. As the state takes bold steps towards clean energy, it has become a living laboratory for the exploration of sustainable practices, policy innovations, and community-driven solutions. This conference invites scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and industry leaders to engage in critical discussions and share insights on how this revolution is reshaping industries, and communities.

We look forward to seeing you in Sacramento in June, 2024! 

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Welcome Tonya Boone
ISA President 

Welcome to the Industry Studies Association! We are a professional organization of researchers committed to research grounded a deep understanding of the role that context – industry, location, and organization, plays in understanding phenomena. ISA includes scholars from a wide range of disciplines - management, economics, engineering, law, sociology, and public policy, which focus on many different industry sectors. ISA members often gather data through direct engagement with workplaces and primary informants, e.g., managers, policy makers and employees.

Our annual conference facilitates dialogue among the many disciplines represented within our membership. We believe these interactions motivate high impact, creative research which advances knowledge and impacts practice and policy.

I encourage you to get involved - join us at the annual conference, which offers an opportunity to network with researchers and practitioners from the various disciplines represented in ISA. Sign up and attend a webinar which feature lively discussions among researchers, policymakers, and practitioners on important contemporary topics.

I look forward to seeing you.



ISA's 2024 Award Winners

In 2024, ISA welcomed a new award -- the Babbage Best Paper in Industrial Innovation -- created through the generous gift of the Cambridge (UK) Institute for Manufacturing under the leadership of Sir Mike Gregory.  Sir Mike joined us in Sacramento to give the award to first-time winner Prof. Canberk Ucel (now at HEC in Paris).  Many winners of our other awards (Dissertation, Giarratani Rising Star, Ralph P. Gomory Best Industry Studies Paper, and Best Paper in Innovation and Entrepreneurship) were also in Sacramento to receive their awards from President Tonya Boone, President-Elect John Gray, and Past President John Paul MacDuffie.  Congratulations to all the award winners for your impressive research and amazing accomplishments!

Conference Best Paper in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Stream Award


Demand-Driven Innovation and Spillover Effects on Adjacent Technological Domains: Evidence from Electric Vehicle Technologies

Jino Lu (University of Southern California)

RUNNER-UP: You've Got Mail! The Late 19th Century US Postal Service Expansion, Firm Creation, and Firm Performance


Maria Roche (Harvard)

Astrid Marinoni (Georgia Tech)

Dissertation Award


The Transparency Dilemma: Competition, Innovation, and Organizational Performance with Corporate Transparency

Shirley (Xiaoli) Tang, Ph.D.
(from Washington University, now at Bocconi)

RUNNER-UP: Craft Knowledge and the Advancement of Science: The Role of Scientific Support Occupations in Shared Research Facilities

Danielle Bovenberg, Ph.D.
(from UC Santa Barbara, now at Yale SOM)

Babbage Best Paper in Industrial Innovation 

WINNER: The Value of Advice: Evidence from Thousands of Smallholder Farms in the Philippines


Canberk Ucel (Bilkent University; now HEC)                     KC Diwas (Emory University)


Giarratani Rising Star Award 

WINNER: Sharing Solutions without Spilling Secrets: The Role of Technicians in the Diffusion of Knowledge at Innovation Frontiers

Danielle Bovenberg (Yale University)

RUNNER-UP (Tie): Unpacking the Expat Gap: Why and How Local Entrepreneurs Nonetheless Persist in Developing Countries Moral Markets

Diana Jue-Rajasingh (Rice University)  

The Folding Effect: The Role of Reframed Distance in Organizational Search

Sukhun Kang
(University of California – Santa Barbara) 

Ralph P. Gomory Best Industry Studies Paper Award


People, performance and transition: A case study of psychological contract and stakeholder orientation in the Toyota Australia plant closure

Journal of Operations Management


Daniel Samson (University of Melbourne)

Morgan Swink (Texas Christian University)


Exploring the structure of internal combustion engine and battery electric vehicles: Implications for the architecture of the automotive industry 

Industrial and Corporate Change

Johann P. Murmann                                            Benedikt A. Schuler

(University of St. Gallen)