Call for Paper and Panel Submissions

2024 Industry Studies Association Annual Conference 

June 13 - June 15, 2024, Sacramento, CA

Submissions Are Now Closed

 Submissions Are Now Closed

Paper Submission Form
Panel Submission Form

The Industry Studies Association (ISA) cordially invites submissions of abstracts for individual papers and panels for the 2023 ISA Annual Conference. While the ISA welcomes papers and panels related to the conference theme, a tie to theme is not mandatory. Any papers or panels that build upon the ISA’s foundational interest in organizations and industries are welcome.   

ISA’s annual conference provides a forum to share industry studies research with fellow researchers, industry leaders and policy makers; provoke dialogue on industry challenges and opportunities; and form new collaborations. We welcome research that incorporates an industry focus from all disciplines; we regard the multi-disciplinary mix of scholars as one of the greatest strengths of our conference. ISA is especially interested in organized panels and papers that emphasize observation and insight into a particular industry or that consider how knowledge gained in studying one industry can provide insights into other industries.

2024 Conference Theme

Empowering Community Wellbeing: Clean Energy, Sustainability and Industrial Strategy

In the heart of the world’s largest subnational economy, California, the Industry Studies Association proudly presents its annual conference with a theme that resonates with the future of our planet and communities. Join us in exploring the dynamic interplay between California's pioneering efforts in clean energy and sustainability and their profound impacts on industrial policy and community wellbeing around the world. 

Sacramento State, the state’s capitol university, hosts our dialogue as California stands at the forefront of a global movement towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future. As the state takes bold steps towards clean energy, it has become a living laboratory for the exploration of sustainable practices, policy innovations, and community-driven solutions. This conference invites scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and industry leaders to engage in critical discussions and share insights on how this revolution is reshaping industries, and communities. 

Conference Themes: 

We welcome submissions that explore a wide range of topics related to energy, sustainability, community wellbeing and California's industrial strategy, including but not limited to: 

Energy, and Sustainability: 

  1. Renewable energy, sustainable resource management of agriculture and natural resources, and technology innovations 
  2. Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for industries and firms 
  3. Environmental policy and regulation - the impact of California’s policy initiatives, the Inflation Reduction Act, and comparative environmental policy globally 
  4. Green manufacturing, the role of Industry 4.0’s digital transformation and blockchain 
  5. California's net zero carbon initiatives and the push for sustainable transportation 

Community Impact: 

  1. Circular economy dependence on sustainable supply chains, locally and globally 
  2. The promise and challenges of managing public-private partnerships for sustainable development 
  3. Social and economic impacts of sustainable practices for entrepreneurship and industry development 

Social Determinants of Health and Wellbeing: 

  1. The potential for AI and data analytics improving health equity and health access 
  2. The role of sustainability improving workforce development outcomes,  
  3. Health and wellbeing in disproportionately impacted neighborhoods because of pollution 

While the ISA encourages papers and panels related to the conference theme, a tie to theme is not mandatoryAny papers or panels that build upon the ISA’s foundational interest in organizations and industries are welcome

The deadline for all submissions is now extended to Tuesday, February 13, 2024, at 5:00 PM.  

Please feel free to contact the Conference Program Co-Chairs listed below with questions.

The Submission Process

Researchers may submit abstracts of up to 250 words for single papers or groups of 3-5 abstracts for organized panels. Panel proposals should identify a theme across the papers included in them (e.g., using one methodology across multiple industries or multiple diverse approaches to a common problem in a single industry). Panels that include practitioners – whether from industry, government, or other organizations – as presenters or discussants are especially welcome.

The deadline for submissions is now extended to Tuesday, February 6, 2024, at 5;00PM.  

Abstracts should be submitted through the ISA submission forms:

Paper Submission Form
Panel Submission Form

In addition to the abstract submission, junior (untenured) faculty may also submit full papers to the Giarratani Rising Star competition and the Best Paper in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Stream competition, as well as, the Emerging Scholar in Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition, sponsored by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. All papers that significantly advance our understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship are eligible for the Best Paper in Innovation and Entrepreneurship award. A paper does not have to be submitted to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship to receive this award.. Information on all competitions can be found here:

ISA Awards

Submissions should be made to the research streams listed below. However, these streams are not meant to be exhaustive, and the committee also welcomes submissions in the “General Industry Studies” category. This category may include industry-specific as well as cross-industry papers and panels. The program committee will shift papers and panels from the general industry studies stream to other streams where appropriate.

Research streams:

  • Energy, Power, & Sustainability 
  • Public Policy and Competitiveness: National, Regional, and Global
  • Health Care Delivery, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceuticals 
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship 
  • Labor Markets, Organizations, & Employment Relations 
  • Operations, Supply Chain, and Technology Management 
  • General and Other Industry Studies