Frank Giarratani Rising Star Award Winners

2022 Conference


Arvind Karunakaran-- "Truce Structures: Mechanisms for Addressing Protracted Jurisdictional Conflicts between Professions"

Runner-Up (Tie)

Amisha Miller-- "Changing the system, not the seeker: Structuring intuition to evaluate novel ideas from underrepresented founders"

Hugh Xiaolong Wu-- "Social Comparison and the Value of Performance Trajectory Information: A Field Experiment in the Workplace"

2021 Conference

Hyunjin Kim, "The value of competitor information: evidence from a field experiment"

Yue Song, "From early curiosity to space wide web"
Do Yoon Kim, "Do corporate contributions spur innovative activity in online crowdsourced goods? Evidence from the Linux kernel"

2020 Conference

Winner (Tie)

Lindsey Cameron co-author Hatim Rahman
Resistance in the Age of Algorithms: A Comparative Ethnography of Workers’ Resistance in Two Online Labor Markets

Ambar La Forgia

The Impact of Acquisitions on Clinical Decisions: Evidence from Physician Practice Management Companies 


Sruthi Thatchenkery

What Are You Looking At? A Competition Network Lens on New Product Innovation In Enterprise Software 


2019 Conference

Johan S.G. Chu and Sung-Chul Noh "Weapons of Mass Attention Direction: Competitive Dynamics of the Korean Popular Music Industry"

Arvind Karunakaran "Front-line Professionals in the Wake of Increased Digital Scrunity: Examining the Paradox of Public Accountability" 

2018 Conference

Alan Benson and Ben A. Rissing "Strength from Within: Individual and Establishment-Level Evidence that Transfers Outperform Hires

Daniel Armanios "Scaffolds and Intermediaries: How Changing Instutional Infrastructure Can Alleviate Knowledge Barriers to Entrepreneurship”

2017 Conference 

Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, "Dismantling Knowledge Boundaries at NASA: From Problem Solvers to Solution Seekers

Merieke Stevens "Temporary De-Embedding Buyer-Supplier Relationships: A Complexity Perspective”

2016 Conference 

Certification Intermediaries: Evidence from the Medical Device Industryy
Christina Nistor, Chapman University

From Outsourcing to Innovation: Towards a “Long-Tail” Strategy
Ning Su, Western University

2015 Conference 

End-to-end Supply Chain Models for the Apparel Industry
Shardul Phadnis, Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation

A New Take on Economic Development Institutions in China's Pearl River Delta
Michael Murphree, University of South Carolina 

2014 Conference 

Mechanisms of Technology Re-Emergence and Identity Change in a Mature Industry: Swiss Watchmaking, 1978-2008
Ryan Raffaelli, Harvard Business School

Institutional Logics and Environmental Strategy in the Office Furniture Industry
Dror Etzion, McGill University 

Decoding the Adapability-Rigidity Puzzle: Evidence from Biopharmaceutical Incumbents' Pursuit of Gene Therapy and Monoclonal Antibodies 
Rahul Kapoor, University of Pennsylvania

Educational Credentials, Hiring, and Intra-occupational Inequality: Evidence from Law Firm Dissolutions 
Chris Rider, Emory University