Ralph Gomory Best Industry Studies Paper Award Winners


2022 Conference

Publication date: 2021


Schifeling, Todd and, Daphne Demetry (2021) The New Food Truck in Town: Geographic Communities and Authenticity-Based Entrepreneurship. Organization Science 32(1):133-155.

Krzywdzinski, Martin (2021) “Automation, Digitalization, and Changes in Occupational Structures in the Automobile Industry in Germany, Japan, and the United States; A Brief History from the Early 1990s until 2018”, Industrial and Corporate Change, 30 (3):499–535.


Lamar Pierce, Laura W. Wang, Dennis J. Zhang (2020) "Peer Bargaining and Productivity in Teams: Gender and the Inequitable Division of Pay." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 23(4):933-951.


2021 Conference

Publication date: 2020

Yanis Ozcan and Shane Greenstein. "Technological leadership (de) concentration: causes in information and communication technology equipment. (Industrial and Corporate Change).

Runner-up (tie)
Annapoormima Subramanian, Moren Levesque and Vareska Van De Vrande, "Pulling the plug: time allocation between drug discovery and development projects" (Production and Operations Management)

Sara Parker-Lu and Marvin Lieberman, "The impact of diversification on task performance: Evidence from kidney transplant centers" (Strategic Management Journal).


2020 Conference

Publication date: 2019


Max-Peter Menzel

Johannes Kramer

Claire Senot



2019 Conference

Publication Date: 2018

Lite J. Nartey, Witold J. Henisz, and Sinziana Dorobantu "Status Climbing vs. Bridging: Multinational Stakeholder Engagement Strategies” (Strategy Science)

Runner-up (tie)
Douglas P. Hannah, Kathleen M. Eisenhardt "How Firms Navigate Cooperation and Competition in Nascent Ecosystems” (Strategic Management Journal)

Carri W. Chan, Wenqi Hu, Jose R. Zubizarreta, Gabriel J. Escobar "An Examination of Early Transfers to the ICU Based on a Physiologic Risk Score” (Manufacturing and Service Operations Management)

2018 Conference

Publication Date: 2017

Adam Seth Litwin, Ariel C. Avgar, and Edmund R. Becker "Superbugs vs. Outsourced Cleaners: Employment Arrangements and the Spread of Health Care-Associated Infections" (Industrial and Labor Relations Review)

Runner-up (tie)
Justin Jia and Hui Zhao "Mitigating the U.S. Drug Shortages Through Pareto-Improving Contracts" (Production and Operations Management)

Claudine Gartenberg and Lamar Pierce "Subprime Governance: Agency Costs in Vertically Integrated Banks and the 2008 Mortgage Crisis" (Strategic Management Journal)

2017 Conference

Publication Date: 2016

Winner (tie)
Ronald Klingebiel and John Joseph, "Entry Timing and Innovation Strategy in Feature Phones" (Strategic Management Journal)

Nathan Craig, Nicole DeHoratius and Ananth Raman "The Impact of Supplier Inventory Service Level on Retailer Demand" (Manufacturing and Service Operations Management)

Mary Benner and Joel Waldfogel "The Song Remains the Same? Technological Change and Positioning in the Recorded Music Industry" (Strategy Science)