Professional Development Workshop for Early Career Scholars

The Early Career Development Committee of the Industry Studies Association is pleased to announce the 2022 Professional Development Workshop (PDW) for early-career industry studies scholars. It will take place June 23, 2022.

Faculty development is a core component of the mission of the Industry Studies Association. The PDW supports early-career scholars engaged in industry studies research by providing career-related advice and the opportunity to form a network of junior and senior colleagues. In addition, the PDW brings together scholars across the wide range of disciplines and industries represented by the ISA, enabling greater interdisciplinary collaboration. We invite both junior faculty (assistant professors) and advanced doctoral students to participate.

The PDW provides a friendly and open forum for early career scholars to meet with senior faculty mentors and one another. The 2022 PDW program will be updated in early 2022. In addition, the PDW participants will work with senior faculty in facilitated round tables. 


The PDW will be held in conjunction with the 2022 Industry Studies Association Annual Conference. Participants are asked to submit a half to one-page description of their research before May 1. To foster informality, collegiality, and open discussion, the workshop will be limited to 50 participants. Registration for the PDW is available through the conference registration page (conference registration is required to participate in the PDW)


Industry Studies Association Junior Faculty and Doctoral Professional Development Workshop (PDW)

June 23, 2022

Organizing Committee:

Ekundayo Shittu (Committee Chair, George Washington University), Arvind Karunakaran (Stanford University), Sonali Shah (University of Illinois), Mike Teodorescu (Boston College)

Journal Editor Panelists:

  1. Saurabh Bansal (Pennsylvania State University)
  2. John Gray (Ohio State University)
  3. Geoffrey Parker (Dartmouth College)
  4. Sonali Shah (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  5. Guangzhi Shang (Florida State University) 

Faculty Mentors:

  1. Aydin Alptekinoglu (Pennsylvania State University)
  2. Sangho Chae (Tilburg University)
  3. Jason Dedrick   (Syracuse University)
  4. Jeffrey Furman (Boston University)
  5. John Gray (Ohio State University)
  6. Tashlin Lakhani (Cornell University)
  7. Adam Seth Litwin (Cornell University)
  8. Guangzhi Shang (Florida State University)         
  9. Richard Wang (Babson College)



Contact: [email protected]