Research Centers

The Industry Studies Association welcomes ties with academic research centers that share its commitment to scholarly research that benefits from deep industry knowledge and engagement with industry practitioners. Many of the research centers affiliated with the Industry Studies Association were originally established under the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Industry Studies Program. The first Sloan Industry Center, the International Motor Vehicle Program at MIT, was established in 1990, and the Sloan Foundation’s program eventually grew to include a total of 26 Centers at 19 universities across the United States.

Each Sloan Industry Center consists of a multidisciplinary group of faculty members and students who study many aspects of a single industry or engage in cross-industry analysis. In the industry studies tradition, research conducted at these Centers employs a wide variety of both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Across research interests and disciplines, the researchers involved in these Centers make the kind of personal investment of time that is necessary to learn about the market and firm institutions in the industry or industries they study, and this often involves maintaining close contact with practitioners in the industry. All research centers now affiliated with the Industry Studies Association share these characteristics.

A complete list of research centers with ties to the Industry Studies Association is given below, along with links to each research center's website. Alternately, look for an industry of interest among those listed in the side bar, and you will navigate directly to the research center that specializes in that industry.

If your research center is interested in applying for affiliation with the Industry Studies Association, click here for more information and access to an application form.


 Global Airline Industry Program
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Center for Construction Industry Studies
 University of Texas at Austin
 Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center
 Carnegie Mellon University
 Food Industry Center
 University of Minnesota
 Forest Industries Center
 Virginia Tech
 Industrial Performance Center
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Global Information Industry Center
 University of California, San Diego
 Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy
 University of California, Berkeley
 Center for Internet Retailing
 University of California, Riverside
 Center on Lawyers and the Prof. Services Industry
 Harvard University
 Managed Care Industry Research Center
 Harvard University
 Metal Processing Institute
 Worcester Polytechnic Institute
 International Motor Vehicle Program
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies
 Georgia Institute of Technology
 Personal Computing Industry Center
 University of California, Irvine
 Center for Biomedical Innovation
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Printing Industry Center
 Rochester Institute of Technology
 Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics
 University of California, Berkeley
 Competitive Semiconductor Manufacturing Program
 University of California, Berkeley
 Institute for Software Research
 Carnegie Mellon University
 Center for Industry Studies
 University of Pittsburgh
 Harvard Center for Textile and Apparel Research
 Harvard University
 Travel & Tourism Industry Center
 University of South Carolina


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